Welcome to the



- Change your payment option to ACH


- Develop your mindset: 

- Download these apps:



Cash App

- Watch and finish the basics videos:


- Establish 3 reasons as to WHY you do this.


- Establish your goals:

  • Short Term Trading Goal:  (Example: Profit by 5% each day, double your investment or make back what you invested)

  • Short Term Building Goal:  (Example: P150 in 3 days and P600 in 30 days)

  • Long Term Trading Goal: (Example: Profit by 240% in 90 days)

  • Long Term Building Goal: (Example: Platinum 2000 in 90 days)

- How important is "2 and Free" to you?

  1. Make a list of 5 people (Your Closest friends)

  2. Make a list of 5 people (People who would be good in the business)

  3. Make a list of 5 people From social media

- Start building NEW friendships amongst the family in the business.


Join the Groupchats

- Watch and Master "The Invite"


- Post your "Welcome Flyer" on social media

- Now go ahead and LAUNCH your business!

Get the people from your lists of 5 in front of the business information! Invite them to an informational call, an informational video or invite them to an event.

Start Working the Process

- Watch this Im.Center tutorial

- Plug into the "Academies"

  • Click on "Academy-Resources" and "Getting Started"

  • Click on "HFX Academy" and enroll into the "HFX Series"

  • Watch videos 1-29 // 45-54 // 63-73

Take notes!!!

Building the Business

EXTRA source of income.

Why use your OWN money to trade when IM gives YOU money to trade with?!

Are you about your money? This is for you.

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