Demo Account:


2. Sign Up

3. 'My Accounts'

4. 'Create Accounts'

5. 'KOT Demo Account'

6. Leverage at 1:500

7. Go to your MT4 App

8. Go to Settings

9. 'New Account'

10. 'Login to an existing account'

11. Search 'KOT Demo' - Select it

12. Login using the login Information you got in the email that was sent to you

Real/Live Account


2. 'My Accounts"

3. 'Create Accounts'

4. Select 'KOT MT4'

5. Currency -USD

6.Leverage at 1:500

7. Login to your new account through MT4 on your phone

Deposit Money


2. 'Deposit Funds'

3. Wallet: USD

4. 'Bitcoin'

5. Amount you want to deposit

6. Select 'Redirect to payments page'

7. Take a snapshot of the instructions


9. Funds will be approved within a couple hours if done correctly

10. Once approved log out and log back into

11. Go to 'Internal Transfer'

12. 'Wallet to MT4'

13. To your Real/Live Account

14. You're desired amount to put in your MT4 App

15. Request Transfer

16. Funds Available to trade with. Now in your MT4 app.


If you need some more clarification watch this video: