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Step 1

Download these apps:

  • Telegram

  • MetaTrader 4

  • Tradingview

  • Zoom

  • Cash App

Step 2


Change your payment option to ACH

Step 3

Learn how to Copy-Paste-Profit

Get your 2 & Free within 3-7 days

Do this by putting any person through the same process that you went through to get started!

Step 4

- Log into im.center

  • If you just joined minutes ago you might not have access to it for about an hour due to it needing time to put you into the system.

  • Watch this im.center tutorial

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Step 5


Plug into the "Academies"

  • Click on "Academy-Resources" and "Getting Started"

  • Click on "FRX Academy English" and enroll into the "FRX Series"

  • Watch the videos, take notes & stop at #51 (FRX319)  (Finish these videos within 3 days)

  • When you feel confident with your Demo Account start your Live Account


Remember to get your 2 & Free 

Step 6

To elevate your trading plug into this course


Make sure you log into GoLive to be able to access the course.


  1. Watch the "IM ACADEMY //  Beginner's Bootcamp" videos.

  2. Watch the "Specialized // Scanner Strategies Series" videos.

  3. Then, watch the rest of the videos

Step 7

Plug into "Go Live"

  • Forex Advanced: Manny Quinones

  • Forex Advanced: Lisaldo Tavarez

                  Learn the "MA Cross" Strategy; easy and effective

  • Forex: Abel Melendez


                  Scroll down to the 'Favorite Videos' and watch those first.

- These are people you can watch and practice your trading with. If you're looking to expand your skillset go through GoLive and choose from 100+ educators that you can watch.

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