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Keyboard and Mouse


Beach Banquet

DCX (Crypto)​:

To sign someone up:

  1. Go to your "Referral Links" on IM.Academy

  2. Click on the SECOND link. Not the first short link.

  3. Send the link to the person and walk them through the sign up process.

  • Why use your own money or trading money to pay for your education each month? Enroll 2 people and your education is free! 

  • Just Invite people to Events, Forex Informational Calls or send them the info. videos that are above. Then put them on a 3 way call with the person who brought you in or someone from the chats.

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Why Build?

  • Use the platforms money to trade with, instead of your own money.

  • An extra source of income outside of trading.

  • The average millionaire has 7 sources of income, here we provide 2, trading and building.

  • Make money from talking to people.

  • Do the work once and get paid forever.

  • Residual INCOME

  • The fun part!

For the Formula to building the business click on the button!